Wumi Toriola slams those advising her to stop flaunting her baby bump on social media

Wumi Toriola deflated comments advising her to stop flaunting her baby bump on social media, pointing out the negativity it brings to her page.

According to the actress, she seeks respect for her decision as she also respects the decision of many who live in polygamy and choose to hide it. She concluded by teling her followers to stop forcing their way of life on others. Wumi wrote;

The Wrestle is not against internet,it is not against ig commenters,we wrestle against principalities ,powers and rulers of darkness in high places,I try to ignore this talk but my dm is always full,i appreciate the love but i hate when people bring negativity to my page,you hid your baby bump then expose the child at birth or in blood,what difference does it make ????????

Yes others hide it,some its personal,some in polygamy and they chose to hide it(respect)i choose not to hide it so respect that and live and let live,stop forcing your ways of life on people,had to just say it because they are not gonna stop coming to my dm anytime soon...