David omorho popularly know by his stage name Omodavid aka moneybaba recording afro pop artist, born in Edo state Nigeria, he had a sound primary and secondary education and further into tertiary education in instituted of technology usen, (polytechnic) where he studied accounting.

Omodavid is a native of Bini from ovia north east local government area, was born into Christian home God fearing family, Omodavid started his musical career at early age in the church, but fully started composing and writing songs at the age of twelve years, he had won several competition from both secondary school and gospel musical competition, Omodavid got his musical inspiration from the African greatest legend afro star of kalakuta republic fela anikpolakpocuti and from there he developed in his potential by proceeding to the studio.

Omodavid fully started his musical career with a group called hood revolution formed by Omodavid, paddy boy and j boy, then Omodavid goes by the name yung fresh, they later go separate