Emmanuel Ikubese Blasts The Heck Out Of Daddy Freeze For His Stance On tithing

Emmanuel Ikubese has finished Daddy Freeze.

The former Mr Nigeria took to his Instagram page to post videos of him blasting the controversial OAP for calling out pastors and saying people should not pay tithes.

He wrote;

“Please sir why do you choose to focus only on NEGATIVITY… OKAY we have heard you…let us make our choice.. No one is forcing us to pay TITHES AND OFFERINGS… Thank you sir and God bless you.”

“Who Do you think you are?, why do you think you are so important that a pastor would want to take down your instagram account, What is your problem with us Christians? Do you know that if not of the Great Pastors in Nigeria Crime Rate would have been worse, why do you choose to focus only on Negativity, Okay we have heard you, let us make our choice, No one is forcing us to pay Tithes and Offerings, why dont you invest your energy and tell Buhari to do things that would benefit us?”

Watch the videos on his instagram page