World War III: North Korea Carries Out Their Most Powerful Nuclear Test Hydrogen Bomb ‘Triggering 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake’

North Korea says it has successful tested a hydrogen bomb – a weapon larger than the bomb that was dropped in Japan’s Nagasaki in 1945.

The blast triggered an earthquake measured at 6.3 by the US Geological Survey.

With a force between 50 and 60 kilotons, this test was five to six times stronger than North Korea’s fifth test in September 2016.

The Communist state called this test – its sixth – a ‘perfect success’.

The bomb it tested is designed to be loaded onto an long-range missile, so has made countries such as the US anxious in a major escalation of tensions following several recent missile launches.

North Korea releases footage of latest missile launch

Before the latest test, Kim Jong-un was photographed next to what he said was a new kind of hydrogen bomb which could be loaded onto an intercontinental missile.

North Korea’s state TV announced the test’s success hours after Seoul and Tokyo detected unusual seismic activity at North Korea’s nuclear test site.

The TV anchor said North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un ordered the test.

It comes after the country fired a missile over Japan last week, triggering its J-Alert warning system telling people to take shelter in a ‘sturdy building or basement.’

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he was ‘outraged’ by the ‘reckless provocation’ of that missile launch.