Manchester United star, Paul Pogba retires famous 'Dabbing' celebration, reveals its replacement (Video)

Fans of Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba won't be seeing him do the dabbing dance celebration anymore as he reveals a new replacement ahead of next season.

The World's most expensive footballer in a recent interview with Esquire explained that his Dabbing days are done and dusted.

When asked to explain what a Dab was, the French star said:
"First of all, it started in America with Migos. I started doing it, because I liked the music, I liked the dance, and people loved it because they can do nice videos."
Speaking further, he said:
"But Dab is Dab, now it's gone. I think I've done the last Dab of the season. Now it's the Billy dance.''
"You saw it last night [Pogba had helped United to beat Ajax the previous night]. The Billy dance is created by my friend Billax. I call him my brother, he's a football coach now. He's one of the people I grew up with. I played with them when I was a kid and they are still my best friends. So that's the dance we have. And I will make sure that everyone does it. I'll make sure that it goes on Fifa 18!"
However, 'The Billy Dance' was first broadcast to the world after Manchester United won the Europa League final against Ajax back in May. Pogba celebrated by performing the bizarre moves in front of United supporters at Stockholm's Friends Arena and the dance will appear on the next edition of FIFA, which is set to be released on September 29.

Watch the video of the Billy dance celebration by Paul Pogba below...