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Nigerian-American Scientist Robert Okogie inducted into NASA Hall of Fame


Nigerian-American Scientist Robert Okogie inducted into NASA Hall of Fame

Robert Olusola Okojie, a Nigerian-American Scientist Robert Okogie has been inducted into U.S’s National Aeronautics Space Administration‘s (NASA) Inventors Hall of Fame.


Okogie who has been working with NASA for 20 years has 21 patented inventions to his credit, gained worldwide recognition as the leading expert on silicon carbide-based microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for use in extreme environments.


It was further gathered that he joined the silicon carbide research group at the agency’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland in 1999. 


NASA wrote on its website; 


“He holds more than 20 patents relating to high-temperature devices, including several licensed for commercial use that could reduce spacecraft weight, and thereby launch cost and fuel consumption, while leaving additional space for scientific payloads. He has also published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers relating to his field."


Okojie who has received numerous accolades including the NASA Abe Silverstein Medal for Research in 2009 and the Glenn Research Center Distinguished Publication Award in 2012, was also recognized in 2002 as the Scientist of the Year by the National Technical Association for his “exceptional accomplishments in advancing the state–of–the–art of MEMS for use in harsh environments”. In 2007, he was a recipient of the Cleveland Executive Board Wings of Excellence award. 


Okojie whose current research focus is in single-chip integrated multifunctional sensing for extreme environments, has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute Of Technology.

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Reno Omokri throws jab at slay queens using late Maryam Babangida's photos


Reno Omokri throws jab at slay queens using late Maryam Babangida

Reno Omokri is again throwing jabs at slay queens.


Posting photos of ex-First lady of Nigeria, lady Maryam Babangida, Reno wrote

''Maryam Babangida was one of the world’s most beautiful women ever. We need the media to project more natural beauties like Maryam, instead of force feeding youths ‘stunning’ photos of bleached divorcee slay queens, with surgically enhanced bodies!

This is a real beauty. Not useless people who corrupt the morals of our youth. From head to toe, nothing about you is real. Teaching our beautiful melanin endowed girls to hate their bodies, not knowing one hot towel can wipe away your fake beauty!''


Reno Omokri throws jab at slay queens using late Maryam BabangidaReno Omokri throws jab at slay queens using late Maryam Babangida 

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COVID-19 caused recession – Buhari


COVID-19 caused recession ? Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has blamed the country's current state of recession on the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The President said this while declaring open the 26th Nigerian Economic Summit with the theme: “Building Partnerships for Resilience’’.


Buhari who was represented by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, said the decline in the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) came after 12 successive quarters of positive growth. He also added that the lockdowns, disruption in global supply chains, business failures and rising unemployment caused the recent recession. 


The President said; 


“We can all recall that during the lockdown, farming did not take place, businesses were closed; schools were closed as were hotels and restaurants.

“Also, airlines stopped flying, while inter-state commerce was disrupted.

“The economy only began to recover when these activities resumed and if we are able to sustain the nearly three percentage point increase from the second quarter decline of minus 6.1 per cent, the performance in the fourth quarter could take us into positive territory."


Buhari who disclosed his adminstration's effort to mitigate such impact led to the introduction of the Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP), further revealed that all the programmes in the ESP are reliant on the private sector playing a key role in creating and conserving jobs and the production and delivery of services in agriculture, housing, solar power and digital technologies.


He added; 


“Of course, an improvement in global economic conditions, including the restoration of global supply chains and resumption of exports and remittances, should enable a V-shaped recovery.

“We expect, in the same spirit of partnership, that the private sector will complement these efforts by making maximum use of the provisions of the ESP and the Finance Bill when it is passed by the National Assembly and also by retaining and creating jobs so as to keep people at work.

“In a similar spirit of partnership, private sector enterprises should also pay their due taxes."


Buhari also noted that partnerships are essential and also necessary for framing medium and long-term development plans as the nation combats the COVID-19 pandemic. Pointing out that the  private sector had a key role to play in the efforts to build a more resilient and competitive economy as expressed in the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, the President further averred that private companies in design, construction, logistics and finance were very much engaged in the nation’s infrastructural projects in power and rail as well as road and bridges.


He said; 


“I am pleased to inform in this regard that we are working actively with the CBN, the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority and state governments under the auspices of the National Economic Council to design and put in place a N15 billion Infraco Fund, which will be independently managed.

“The Infraco Fund will help to close the national infrastructural gap and provide a firm basis for increasing national economic productivity and growth."

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Live sport is back in UK! Fans to be allowed into stadiums from December 2


?Live sport is back in UK! Fans to be allowed into stadiums from December 2

Sports fans will finally be allowed back into stadiums as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to reveal the new three-tier system that will come into force in England after lockdown ends on December 2nd. 


This comes a week after the Department for Culture Media and Sport submitted proposals to the Cabinet Office for the return of fans to grounds in December for the first time since the first lockdown back in March.


Under the new rules, spectator sports outdoors will be allowed in Tier 1 and Tier 2 areas to watch Premier League games and other sporting events after the lockdown ends.


Under the softest measures in Tier 1 areas, there will be a maximum crowd size of either 50 percent stadium occupancy or 4,000 spectators. In Tier 2 areas, the stadium rules will be 50 percent of overall capacity or 2,000, according to British Media. 


However, for those in the Tier 3 measures, fans will still not be able to attend sporting events.


Boris Johnson is set to make an announcement later on Monday November 23. He will make a statement to the House of Commons, and MPs will vote on it later in the week.

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Oba of Benin and one of his wives, Queen Owamagbe, welcome baby girl


Oba of Benin and one of his wives, Queen Owamagbe, welcome baby girl

Oba of Benin and one of his wives, Queen Owamagbe, have welcomed a baby.

A statement released from the office of the 67-year-old monarch, says the Queen welcomed their baby girl on October 20. Congrats to them


See the statement below


Oba of Benin and one of his wives, Queen Owamagbe, welcome baby girl

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SHOW DATE: 20/11/2020




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Charly Boy reacts to his daughter calling him out on social media


Charly Boy reacts to his daughter calling him out on social media

Charly Boy has reacted to being called out by his daughter, Dewy Oputa.


Dewy accused her father of gaslighting and using her for clout after he went online to say he's proud to have a lesbian daughter.


She claimed he says one thing online just to be "father of the year" but offline he doesn't care if she's alive or not (read here).


Charly Boy, aka Area Fada, has now reacted.


In an Instagram post, he pointed out that being a parent is hard.


He wrote: "Any Fool can have a child and call themselves a Parent. A real Parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs."


Charly Boy reacts to his daughter calling him out on social media


In another post, he addressed his daughter's criticisms and said it has opened his eyes and exposed him to the huge growing community of LGBTQ people in Nigeria.


He went on to advise parents who have LGBTQ children to be more understanding.


He wrote:


Urgent Info for Parents.

Hummm, ogaooo.
I swear Parenting is not an easy somethingoooo.
Na me and my Baby, Dewy dey trend these days.
Shey una see as my Princess dey tackle me

My post a few days ago, about my daughters
right to her sexuality, opened my eyes and exposed me to
the Huge growing community of LGTBQ’s in Nigeria.
Ol boy, e shock me. I can’t lie.

My People, as I wake yesterday I setup a hotline for young people who have challenges communicating with their parent/parents, who needed a listening ear. I was on the phone, from 9am till 11.45pm,
recorded over a thousand calls before I lost count. I had to shut down, my ears don full. I heard stories dat made me teary eyed, the emotional trauma the LGTBQs community is going through amongst the numerous wahala we face in dis country.

Parents must understand that sometimes their child will probably not live the life they dreamed for them and this has nothing to do with being good parents or bad parents. Our influence and nurture for our kids it’s not more than 25%, 75% of their lives is under attack by external influences, social media, peer pressure, what they pickup in school, etc etc.
We should sometimes allow our children to unfold but not without guidance and laying good values, morals, believe in self and always encouraging them to be their authentic self, as they grow.

Our children have their own hang ups you must know., weather you feel they are childish, immature or fall short of your picture of them. They've struggles too and suffer from internal turmoil—don't make them feel any worse. Imagine their internal struggle when these confusing feelings arise.
Our society is filled with hypocrisy, lesbianism/homosexuality started way before social media, predominantly in the north. Now, it in our churches, Nollywood, House of assembly, even in Aso Rock, it’s everywhere my People, and we must educate ourselves to have a better understanding of this phenomenon. 

Charly Boy reacts to his daughter calling him out on social media

Charly Boy reacts to his daughter calling him out on social media


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